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Our Products

We only work with licensed and trusted manufacturing facilities as well as with the production lines owned by us. We have an advantage in quality control service as all of our products are checked prior to being packed and shipped to us or our clients.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are our top sellers. Being able to provide the high quality product at lowest price makes our roller blinds a crowd favourite on Australian market. There is a number of different sizes to select from as well as the range of colours available to you. If you are a bulk buyer and you need any specific colour that you can’t find in our current range, please ask within and have your order shipped in one of our next containers.


Our curtains are very popular within the Australian households. The material that we make it off is polyester which makes it highly durable and retain the shape in all weather conditions. Our product is also environmentally friendly and good for the comfort of your home. An advantage of polyester curtains is that they are easy to wash as the dirt does not penetrate and it is resistant to shrinking and the abrasion. Our curtains are silky and smooth and you find them a perfect choice for your home.

Kitchen sinks

Bamboo flooring

Laminate flooring

Floating Vinyl flooring


At our manufacturing facilities we are capable of producing other window furnishing items such as roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains of any kind. (picture of the manufacturing facility).